It's Not A Race is a collective of creative writers and content producers who want to have a say in our country's future. We make engaging content about the important issues of the day, to move people to care about the world around them with a story, meme or video that is more engaging than a political press release.

We have a simple rule about who we will go after: anyone funded by the fossil fuel lobby.

You'll see It's Not A Race Content under one of our two brands: It's Not A Race and Big Climate. 

We are inspired by late Malaysian/Singaporean artist Gerard D’Alton Henderson. A universally acclaimed muralist and painter, Gerard D’Alton Henderson was widely regarded and celebrated for his paintings, most particularly in Southeast Asia.

"Art is a high concentration of the spirit. In this madly rushing world so dominated by the materialistic, commercial civilization we live in - what else can one do but be an artist." - Gerard Henderson.

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