Ashlea Gleeson // Design + Photography + Videography

Brand and marketing
co-ordination, social media, photography and web design for two fashion labels.

Graphic designer and digital strategy for a retail chain.


& when I have a spare moment freelance work.

I love collaborating - please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you'd like to chat about any ideas.
Edible illusions was created in response to the 2013 Memefest competition & is a collaboration with Jack Loel.

It is an interactive story that compares the 5 stages of sleep with an obsession of junk food. The physical effects of the sleep cycle are used to explore and understand the emotions behind unhealthy eating habits.

Eating junk food is like gradually falling asleep.

This idea was created to attempt to shift thoughts, emotions and relationships with food.

The full project is available here.

For a more in depth essay of how we came to our idea you can take a read here.

 photo edibleillusions_zps122a539b.gif
Logo and photography for Brisbane band Nite Fields. Posters were created for the 7" launch, which have a typographical focus. A logo was also created for the label Lost Race records in collaboration with Danny Venzin.

This publication was created to visually explore how debt affects young adults in Brisbane. It was produced in response to the articles put forward for the 2012 Memefest friendly competition.

After researching debt, and how it is connected to mental health issues, I thought it would be interesting to see how debt is affecting the people around me. A photojournalistic approach was used, which attempts to create a strong personal connection to the people behind the stories.

Download your free copy

If you'd like a hard copy - printed with the beautiful Risograph at Small House Books, please contact me.

This typography was inspired by machinery plans, and uses a collection of shapes to build the lettering.